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 Skeen & Robinson has been serving the community for the past 18 years, providing a full range of criminal defense services in all State and Federal Courts in the states of Utah, Idaho and California.  A small boutique law firm, we are ideally sized and configured to deliver the highest quality personal service to our clients, regardless of the criminal issues.

 Our firm is comprised of former prosecutors and dedicated criminal defense lawyers who specialize in assisting our clients in navigating their way through the criminal process.  Our attorneys have served as Judges Pro Tem and have instructed other  lawyers in criminal law and procedure in Continuing Legal Education courses.  Our two main lawyers are Randall Skeen and Shawn Robinson and between them they have the experience you will be grateful to have on your side.

 Our firm maintains an excellent record in achieving acquittals in both bench and jury trials.  Recently, our firm received a jury acquittal in a first degree murder case involving complex DNA issues.   This acquittal was the first rendered in Salt Lake County in over twenty years.  See the Discovery Channel Video on our client page. 

 Over the years, our firm has also represented clients in white collar criminal proceedings, including criminal tax evasion cases.  Our attorneys are dedicated to providing aggressive assistance in cases which potentially bear the greatest risk to one’s livelihood and freedom.   

Our law firm was recognized in The Enterprise as one of the top law firms in Utah. Call us for the best Utah Criminal Defense Lawyers to be on your side.

Please call us anytime 24 hours a day at 888-270-3933.

Also during Office Hours you can call us at 801-266-7414 in Utah and  for California.  Or Contact us Online through this web site by clicking here or on the “Contact Us Button” on this web page.

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